Are you overwhelmed by never-ending piles of baby clothes and you keep on thinking about different ways on how to organize them? It can be a mess if you always find yourself drowning in a sea of miniature onesies, socks, pants, and tops.

Of course, you want a place for everything and everything should be in place. Baby clothes are incredibly cute but they can be incredibly small, too, and no matter how you neatly fold them they can still end up looking like a disorganized heap of disaster.

It’s also hard to believe that tiny items can take up so much space, so it is wise to include a dresser in your nursery room to keep your baby clothes organized.

Here are 3 clever methods on how to organize baby clothes:

1. Make organized piles

You can start your organizing by making a pile of your baby clothes by size, because baby clothes’ sizing varies differently — like stacking them in 6m – 12m or 9m – 12m and so on.

However, if the clothing looks substantially bigger or smaller than the clothes in the specific pile, you can move it to down or up a size. It is also a clever idea to create a “donation pile” right from the start because eventually, your baby will outgrow his clothes and you can immediately place those in that pile. Then, you won’t have to worry about overwhelming and unused clothing in your baby’s closet or drawer.

2. Use baskets to keep your baby clothes organized

Your baby needs so many little clothing items throughout the day — these include bibs, socks, mittens, hats, and so much more! Not to mention all the towels and blankies they require too. Now, having a huge drawer can easily swallow up those little items but you can keep them separated and organized using baskets.

Another secret is also knowing how to properly fold your baby’s clothes since they come in different shapes and sizes.

Here’s a brilliant video tutorial from mommy Vlogger Brittany Vasseur on how to ultimately organize your baby items, including baby clothes.

Since baskets come in numerous shapes and sizes, it won’t be difficult to find the perfect ones to house those items.

3. Create door shelves behind your closet door

This is perfect, especially if you have limited space in your home or have a small nursery. Let’s face it, you also don’t really want to use all of your nursery space to fill with drawers, so track-mounted storage baskets are an excellent way to utilize your otherwise empty closet door.

They are also great for stashing out-of-season clothes or extra baby items such as shampoo, wipes, powders, toys, or shoes — you can even thread thin baby blankies through them.

Another clever hack is to use a shoe organizer to hang inside your closet door. This can house numerous baby items you have to keep, but yet remain organized.

Ready, set, organize! With all these clever hacks, you’re sure to keep your baby’s clothes and little items organized and in tip-top shape! You can look forward to another active and fun day with your baby without having to worry about clutter and over-the-top piles of clothes waiting for you.