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Baby’s First Bedroom

Baby’s First Bedroom Designing a special room just for baby is super exciting, but if you aren’t sure where to start, it can feel a little overwhelming. There seems to be so much to consider, so many dos, don’t and everything in between, but with our design tips, it’s easy to create the perfect nursery… continue reading

How Many Baby Clothes Should You Get in Each Size?

For moms-to-be, shopping for baby clothes is an exciting activity, and a hard-to-resist one at that! Baby clothes come in different styles and sizes and it’s easy to get distracted with all the adorable clothing available in the store. But what do you actually need and how to pick them? Clothes last a long time,… continue reading

Pacifiers, Rattles and Teddies – The Best Low Tech Ideas for Keeping Sane on a Trip with Baby!

  Okay, so you’ve got the car safety seat strapped in ready for your little one, the diaper bag is fully stocked, if not overflowing, with diapers, wipes and pads, and you have enough baby grows to last several years. Formula and bottle next, with plenty of snacks for you, too. Phone, phone charger, what… continue reading

How to Get Baby Oil Out of Clothes

Having baby oil around the house is a pretty common thing especially when you have a little one — it actually comes as a traditional gift and you can even make a homemade bubble bath with baby oil that is beneficial for your little one’s skin compared to the commercial ones which contain harsh ingredients…. continue reading

3 Tips to Take Care of Working Mom Duties & Have Time For Yourself

What’s a typical day for a mom around the house? Getting up in the morning, dressing and feeding the kids, making their house feel like a home, and so much more, right? Let’s face it — being a parent is one of the most fulfilling things in this world — having a family and building… continue reading

How to Get Baby Poop Out of Clothes

Life with a baby is both a fulfilling and messy experience — especially when it comes to dealing with unexpected poop mess that comes with those tough-to-remove stains on clothes and fabrics. Most moms find it easier to address the stains earlier on but there are those who don’t really have the luxury of time…. continue reading

How to Organize Baby Clothes

Are you overwhelmed by never-ending piles of baby clothes and you keep on thinking about different ways on how to organize them? It can be a mess if you always find yourself drowning in a sea of miniature onesies, socks, pants, and tops. Of course, you want a place for everything and everything should be… continue reading

How to Wash Baby Clothes

Mothers know best — and this applies even to new moms who constantly worry about doing the best for their babies. When a woman becomes pregnant, we often stop at different baby stores, adoring all these cute stuff for our little one. Moms are often overly excited about purchasing their baby’s clothes and sometimes, we… continue reading