For moms-to-be, shopping for baby clothes is an exciting activity, and a hard-to-resist one at that! Baby clothes come in different styles and sizes and it’s easy to get distracted with all the adorable clothing available in the store. But what do you actually need and how to pick them? Clothes last a long time, but babies don’t stay in one size for very long. If you want to know more about what to consider when buying baby clothes and how many you should actually get for your little one, keep reading to find out!

What to consider when buying baby clothes

Before doing any shopping spree for your baby, it’s important to know what kind of clothing you’re looking for to make the search easier. Clothing size, quality of fabric and laundry habits are three important factors to consider before making any purchase.

Baby clothing typically ranges from sizes 0-3. Newborns outgrow their clothes fairly quickly, so it’s better to buy clothing a few sizes larger than their actual size to avoid buying new clothes every week. This size range is intended for babies up to 13 lbs, so you’re guaranteed that every clothing you buy in these sizes will be worn by your little one.

Another essential factor is to look for fabrics that are suitable for babies. They have a very sensitive skin, so they will need the right protection depending on the season. During winter, layers of insulating fabrics such as cotton are ideal to trap warmth. To combat the harsh summer heat, babies need to wear outfits made of light materials such as linen. Always check for the reaction of your baby’s skin to these materials before buying them in bulk.

Laundry habits also matter, and the arrival of a baby can significantly offset your usual laundry schedule. If you don’t mind doing it every day or at least 3 times a week, you can opt for fewer clothes. However, if you prefer doing it once a week, then you might need to double your baby clothing checklist. Also, make sure to use a hypoallergenic soap in every laundry.

Must-haves in a baby clothing checklist

There are certain outfits that are considered staples in every baby’s wardrobe, and for a good reason too. Not only do they protect the baby from the weather, but they provide comfort and allow your little one to move freely. Here are four must-haves that all moms need to prioritize when buying baby clothes:

  • Stretchy bodysuits. These practical outfits provide mobility for the babies and hassle-free diaper changing for the parents. Buy at least 7 pieces so they can have at least one bodysuit to wear each day. Get extra ones with longer sleeves for the winter season.
  • Pants with footies. Babies have a tendency to remove socks, so it’s better to go for pants with footies instead. 3-5 pieces should suffice. If you buy regular pants instead, always pair it with warm socks.
  • Warm onesies. This clothing is best worn during bedtime because it provides appropriate insulation for the baby since blankets are not recommended for newborns. 7 onesies should be enough.
  • Hats. Regardless of the weather, babies need to wear a hat to protect their head. Buy at least four hats: 2 light pieces for the summer and 2 wooly hats for the winter.

As parents, it’s a crucial responsibility to buy everything that a baby needs. With that said, there is a tendency to go overboard, especially when it comes to clothing. Consider our tips as a guide when shopping for baby clothes, so you can ensure the safety and comfort of your little bundle of joy and allow them to wear adorable outfits at the same time!