Life with a baby is both a fulfilling and messy experience — especially when it comes to dealing with unexpected poop mess that comes with those tough-to-remove stains on clothes and fabrics. Most moms find it easier to address the stains earlier on but there are those who don’t really have the luxury of time.

It’s always handy to know the basics of removing baby poop out of clothes so you won’t have to face problems of trying out too many things which don’t really work. Not to mention, baby clothes’ fabrics are more sensitive compared to the ones adult wear — that’s why it is important to be more gentler when washing them.

There is no telling why sometimes kids suddenly have to go, especially during times when you’re in the middle of diaper change — this is an on-going poop catastrophe that moms always face, but worry not, because there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to get the baby poop out of clothes:

  1. At the first burst out, grab your baby wipes — using wipes is better because they shape better to your fingers and hand compared to using paper towels, then clean off as much as you can off the clothing. This is suggested by the author of The Cleaning Ninja, Courtenay Hartford.
  1. With warm water in the sink, rinse off the remaining poop mess and keep in mind to avoid excessive rubbing on the clothing and let the water do the work for you.
  2. Now, you can follow up a complete wash in the washing machine using its heavy-duty setting together with the sanitize feature — it’s also fine to throw in some other clothing to make a full load and make the most out of the cycle.
  3. Then after the complete wash and there are still stains left, you can rewash it but remember to use a baby-friendly bleach or hydrogen peroxide to the cycle.
  4. You can now toss the clothing into the dryer once the stain has been completely removed.

Moreover, there are some really tough poop stains that are difficult to remove and here are some useful tips to keep in mind:

First, it is important to not let the poop stain out and address the spot as soon as you can — letting it stay for days would only make the work tougher for you. Second, it is crucial to not brush or scrub the stained spot on the fabric because there’s a huge possibility of wearing it out. Third, rinse the stain carefully with warm water or room temperature water from the opposite side of the clothing so stains won’t be pushed into the fibers. Fourth, but definitely not the least, remember to not throw the clothing immediately into your washing machine, you should let your pretreatment do its job first.

Here’s a video by Meet The Masons on how to remove baby poop stains on clothes.

It may be true that human waste and that includes babies’ is generally a breeding ground for germs, viruses, and grossness overall so it is important to clean up poop mess as soon as you can. However, if you find yourself in chaos, it is also a good idea to give yourself a moment and realize that these are all part of being a mom and soon enough, these would all be precious memories.