Pacifiers, Rattles and Teddies – The Best Low Tech Ideas for Keeping Sane on a Trip with Baby!


Okay, so you’ve got the car safety seat strapped in ready for your little one, the diaper bag is fully stocked, if not overflowing, with diapers, wipes and pads, and you have enough baby grows to last several years. Formula and bottle next, with plenty of snacks for you, too. Phone, phone charger, what else? Blankets, hand gel and trash bags … the list goes on.

So, the car is loaded, baby strapped in and bags ready to grab when necessary, but what about something to help baby to settle? Those little comforts that soothe a fretful infant – they’re as important as all the diapers, if only to help retain your sanity.

Pacifiers, rattles and soft cuddlies can be crucial for a peaceful journey, helping baby to remain calm and relaxed, while strapped in his safety seat, and you’re occupied by driving.

Pacifiers and Teethers

Pacifiers are great for babies, and whether you breast or bottle feed, self soothing on a pacifier calms the heart rate, increasing feelings of contentment and peace. Car travel, especially if you’ve just fed your baby, can induce slight colicy discomfort, and this can be dramatically eased by the use of a pacifier, while if your baby needs to suck even if not hungry, it can satisfy the drive for non-nutritive sucking.

On a long journey, especially by plane, sucking can really help to relieve painful pressure in the middle ear.

Teethers tend to be designed for slightly older babies, being tough enough for chewing and stimulating the gums, whilst encouraging correct dental development.


There can be no denying that babies love making noise. Whether it’s using their own voice, or bashing things when they’re a bit older, that’s what babies enjoy best!

The traditional rattles used to consist of a rattle ball with a handle, carved out of wood, bone or ivory, or made from silver, with coral for teething. Tending to be highly sought after by antique hunters, modern parents, quite rightly, would keep them well away from baby’s mouths. Modern rattles are colorful, easy to clean, and come in age appropriate sizes and shapes.

Great for bashing things and making a noise whilst you’re trying to concentrate on driving, a decent rattle will keep the most fretful child happy and content.


Cuddly Toys

We all have fond memories of our first best friend – the cuddly toy that would come with us everywhere. Tucked into our stroller, next to us while we slept and chewed on when we felt insecure and wanted comfort. So, it’s only right and fair that our own little one has his own best friend to accompany him on long journeys.

With modern fabrics and stuffings allowing easy cleaning and quick drying, your baby can keep Mr Cuddles close at all times, and bright colors mean he’s easily found if thrown on the floor of the car.


Traveling anywhere with your baby can be a real chore, involving seemingly endless preparation and planning, but if you value your sanity, including several pacifiers, a rattle and at least one Mr Cuddles in your bag is crucial.